César Ramos after appointment: "It's news that impacts my life"

César Ramos Palazuelos, referee designated to lead by Mexico in the World Cup, told ESPN Digital, to be proud to be chosen, since he fulfills a dream that he had as a child when he joined the Mexican whistle. "I feel a great emotion. The first thing I did was to talk to my wife and my mother to tell them that my appointment arrived by mail this morning; imagine the emotion, it's a news that impacts my life, that marks my career, that marks me as a person, that's how I feel. I am more than happy". Via telephone, Palazuelos said he has followed a long-term preparation, but there is still a stretch to be able to realize this dream.

"When I give the first whistle there I will already feel the emotion as such. I visualize myself with a game giving my maximum effort. I know that my entire career, 16 years in arbitration, is summarized to 90 minutes. I will have the eyes of the world and believe me that I will put all my effort into preparing myself right now. What comes is good, being in a select group of 36 referees in a World Cup is a great satisfaction, because thank God one of them is Mexican. I'm very grateful, I do not want to throw bells on the fly, I just want to enjoy it. " Ramos Palazuelos assured that the technical and tactical work has been hard, but everything has an aim and an objective. He was asked what would be easier, for Mexico to play the fifth game or for him to lead the final, to which he replied: "I expect great things from the national team, that the team gives joy to 120 million Mexicans, and that I also represent my compatriots with good performances for the pride of the Mexicans. "

The central judge took his first interview for this site saying that there is always talk of the Mexican arbitration crisis. "All my life has been spoken since I was a child that there is a crisis, but if this crisis existed there would be no Mexican referees in the World Cups. I'm 34 years old and I've heard this all my life, I've read newspapers from the eighties that signaled crises, also from the nineties with the same problem, the decade of the two thousand with a greater criterion, crisis, when one enters the arbitration in 2003, the same, crisis, which was the worst in history, but referees continue to come for the Olympic Games, for world events, for Confederations, for World Cups, Club World Cup, well, if there was a crisis, we would not go I am of that ideology. They say that nobody is a prophet in their land, I am left with that phrase ".Get your free betting odds at Oddstake.com

On the innovation approved by FIFA on the subject of the VAR, use of technology, the World Cup referee said that he has already worked in two tournaments this system in the U-20 last year and also in the Club World Cup, in Abu-Dhabi, and considered to be very advanced of that circumstance, since without a doubt it will be a great tool and a great resource so that there are no more scandals in soccer.

"Soccer today is very fast, the referee is in the whole field with 22 professionals and it depends on his legs and the most imperfect sense of sight, so now we have the support of technology as in other sports with which will be very helpful to be able to help us with this tool that is not good for me ". Finally, he warned that he is going step by step and the first thing he has to do is to direct the first match well and from there start to dream in a World Cup final.

"I've been in five FIFA tournaments in my life and I've always had the same ideology of going step by step. In arbitration, you can not say 'I want this', it's like the selections, you have to play the first round, qualify to the next phase and then to direct elimination. Arbitration is the same, you go for a game if it goes well you grow, but I do not want to throw bells on the fly, I do not want to go ahead, I just want to build, lay the foundations and then start the machine to forge the foundations and put the floors to reach the ceiling, "concluded the proud whistling who was happy to hear the receiver.